Pandemic Compliant Political Canvassing and Activism

The Flip 2020 Project aims to shift the US Senate to a Democratic majority by targeting competitive races. Flip 2020 canvassers also work to support voter registration, GOTV efforts, and registration for absentee and/or mail in ballots. We spend the months before the November election in Maine, and now we’re heading to Georgia for the runoff Senate races.

Why the Senate?

While the 2020 president election is critically important, it appears Trump is doing a fine job of disassembling his own chances for re-election. Dozens of skilled experienced groups are working to flip the presidency, and we are hopeful and confident those efforts will succeed.

But without flipping the Senate, the current congressional gridlock will continue for at least another two years. Because of this, the Flip 2020 team is focusing on Senate races as well as other down-ballot contests. The January 5, 2021 Georgia runoff senate races will determine the balance of power for the next 2 years.

How You Can Help

Financial Support

The Flip2020 Project works on a small budget and grassroots fundraising. Click here to contribute through PayPal, or contact us at Flip2020Project@gmail.com for other options.

Become a Volunteer

While our on-site canvass teams are a vital part of the Flip 2020 Project, there are many ways volunteers can support the project from anywhere in the world. Click here to learn more about joining our Fundraising, Logistics, Data/Analysis, or Canvassing teams.

In Kind Contributions

In addition to cash donations, we welcome in kind donations of housing for canvassers, PPE, masks, and other supplies.  If you’re interested in making an in-kind donation, please contact us at Flip2020Project@gmail.com or through the form on our contact page.

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